Main Residence CGT

Foreign Residents – Watch that CGT Main Residence Exemption!

The Federal Government has passed legislation which prevents people who have been Australian residents for tax purposes for many years from using the CGT main residence exemption (MRE) if they are foreign residents at the time they sell their property (with limited exceptions). An example of how this new legislation applies is detailed below. An …

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Coeus Chronicles Edition 3

Welcome to our 3rd edition of Coeus Chronicles. In Greek mythology Coeus was a Titan respected for his intellect, resolve and gift of foresight. At Coeus Advisers we use these qualities to assist our clients to make the right decisions in the areas of taxation, business finance and investments. What a year it has been, …

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Incentives for Exporters – Export Market Development Grants

If you are considering or already are exporting your goods or services then you should be aware of the financial assistance provided by the Federal Government through AusIndustry known as the Export Market Development Grant. What is the Export Market Development Grant? The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme is an Australian Government financial assistance …

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Client Feature – Hart Automation

Hart Automation is a growing audio-visual integration and unified communications service contractor with a steadfast reputation for integrity, quality and reliability. Established in 2009 and offering over 60 years of combined, highly specialised industry experience, Hart Automation is dedicated to its mission, to supply the highest level of audio-visual and integration services. Hart Automation services …

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Buying your First Home

Whilst we continue to hear that the dream of owning your first home is out of reach for many Australians we see that in a low interest rate environment and with various government assistance available for first home buyers the dream of your first home can be a reality.  In this article we will look …

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