Coeus Chronicles

Welcome to Coeus Chronicles. In Greek mythology Coeus was a Titan respected for his intellect, resolve and gift of foresight. At Coeus Advisors we use these qualities to assist our clients to make the right decisions in the areas of taxation, business finance and investments.

We are excited to be starting our own business. With the support of you our clients, family and friends we look forward to continuing to make a difference in your lives.

Rocky Balboa once said what makes a great fighter is not how hard they can hit but how hard they can be hit and keep moving forward. We are amazed at the resilience of the Australian business community to invest, grow and create jobs in an unstable political environment. Business owners and their hardworking employees, working together will continue to create opportunities for those brave and willing.

During the past month I was inspired by one of our own clients Sudha Manian who whilst being a mother, wife and CFO of Autism Queensland also finds time to follow her passion of teaching and playing the Sitar.  Over the past few years Sudha has taught and practiced with her students and now has her own group called YATRA.  We were lucky enough to see Sudha and her group play at the Multicultural Performing Arts Centre last month.  It was amazing to see how one person’s dream had inspired a group of people to come together perform and entertain the crowd.  Through Sudha’s hard work, love of her music and culture “YATRA” delivered a performance which was able to touch all of us.  We look forward to seeing YATRA’s name in lights in the future.  Well done Sudha.

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