Month: May 2019

Tax Tips

End of Year Tax Planning Tips With the outcome of the federal election behind us and with a Government aiming to provide certainty and stability we can now move ahead with confidence and take appropriate steps to be prepared for the end of the financial year and beyond.  Below are some of the key tax …

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Compliance Matters

Most of us do not like dealing with red-tape or administrative tasks which take us away from the main focus in our businesses and jobs.  It is important to remember as taxpayers having good records and complying with your reporting obligations is a mandatory obligation for us all.  The purpose of this article is to …

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Ageing Parents

As parents age, those old feelings of sibling rivalry can often make a surprising re-appearance.  Almost everyone over a certain age has heard war stories from friends engaged in bitter battles with their siblings over the care and financial assets of parents whose health or mental capacity is deteriorating. “You can be a happy family …

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Frankly Speaking

Frankly speaking, dividends will continue to deliver Australian shares currently offer some extremely attractive dividend yields. BHP has had a dividend yield of 5.6 per cent, while the Big Four banks are yielding between 5.5-7.5 per cent.  The associated franking credits typically add another 3 per cent to the gross yield. For people who rely …

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Cooking Corner

Food is an essential element in all our lives. In today’s busy environment getting the family around the table to share a wholesome home cooked meal can be a challenge. With winter upon us I want to share with you one of my new recipes, which you can feel free to use at your own …

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Are companies the structure of choice in a modern world?

Companies have been considered the structure of choice for listed and large operating businesses where there is a clear distinction between the owners (shareholders) and the management (directors) of a business.  For small business owners and investment purposes trusts have often been favoured over companies as the structure of choice.  This is due the flexibility …

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