Tax Office – Compliance and Collection Activity Ramps Up

Please be advised that we are seeing the Australian Taxation Office significantly increase the level of its compliance and collection enforcement activities. 

The areas that the Tax Office are focusing on include:

  1. Issuing of failure to lodge on time penalty notices for activity statements even in cases of first offence where taxpayers have a good compliance history.
  2. Single Touch Payroll reporting has given the Tax Office direct knowledge of superannuation not being paid on time by employers and enforcement activity is increasing in this area.
  3. Strict enforcement of payment arrangements, payments that are even 1 day late will result in default of the arrangement with significant time and effort required to attempt to re-instate the payment plan.
  4. Strong enforcement activity on unpaid debts including credit bureau reporting, issuing of director penalty notices and notices to wind up.

We remind all of our clients to continue to be vigilant in ensuring they are up to date with their lodgments and payments obligations. 

Where it is unlikely that either lodgment obligations or payment of debt will be made on time we strongly recommend that you contact us beforehand so we can proactively manage this so as to potentially avoid further punitive action being taken.

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