JobKeeper 2.0

The Federal Government is introducing changes to the JobKeeper scheme which will take effect from 28 September 2020.  All current arrangements for JobKeeper remain in place until that time.

Reduced Payments – Full Time Workers

Payments will be reduced as follows:

PeriodAmount per worker
29 September – 2 January$1,200 per fortnight per worker
3 January – 28 March$1,000 per fortnight per worker

Reduced Payments – Part-Time Workers (less than 20 hours per week)

PeriodAmount per worker
29 September – 2 January$750 per fortnight per worker
3 January – 28 March$650 per fortnight per worker

JobKeeper Eligibility to be Retested

Employers will be required to re-test their JobKeeper eligibility to continue to receive payments post 28 September 2020.

The tests of at least a 30 or 50 per cent reduction in turnover, or 15 per cent for charities, will stay the same, are re-applied at the end of September and then again at the start of January. Employers will also have to prove they have experienced the relevant decline in turnover in all previous quarters to receive the payment.

Should you require further information concerning the application of these changes to JobKeeper please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 3910 5675 or [email protected].

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